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Air Compression Therapy System
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Air Compression Therapy Blood circulation system 

Air Compression Blood circulation Air bag
Product Details

Compression Therapy System is mainly made up of air bag (including upper limb air bag, lower limb air bag) and the main body. The main body is composed of air pump, valve, circuit and the shell.  The standard accessories of Compression Therapy System include a pair of upper limb air bag and lower limb air bag. The material of Compression Therapy System are mainly made from PVC or TPU coated material, and press fit by high-frequency machine and sewing to forming bag.

The main capability parameters

1)      Rated voltage                                     100Vac-240Vac±22VAC

2)      Input power                                        50-60Hz

3)      Maximum rated output air pressure  150mmHg±15mmHg

4)      Time range                                         99 min

5)      Unit of pressure show                        mmHg

6)      Noise:                                                    55dB

7)      Cycle time setting range:                       3-20s

8)      Output channel:                                     Double channels

9)      Fuse standard:                    2xT1AL 250V

Technical features:

1. LED digital display pressure, time.

2. Button type pressure regulation, double outlet.

3. The total working time of the system is controlled by electronic timer, and the time priority is designed.

4. The design of the storage box, the storage air bag and the convenient setting of four wheels.